News and Updates from the Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic

What’s New in 2021?

New Year’s Greetings from Sandy Rice, President of the Board

Sandra Rice, BSMC Board President

The Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic Board welcomes 2021 with a plan for recovery and hope. I am Sandy Rice, the new board president, and am excited to continue the work of outgoing president and Beersheba Springs resident Kelly Baggett. I am familiar with the Clinic, volunteering as a nurse practitioner for 2 years after retiring to Sewanee in 2015 and then serving as a board member.

COVID-19 has been an unbelievable crisis for us and especially our patients. Throughout the pandemic, the clinic has remained open, provided medications, innovated services, and distributed masks and factual information. Our non-profit organization has remained financially solvent where others have been forced to close. Our perseverance is made possible in large part because donors like you know that we provide high quality care and believe in our mission “to promote, protect, and improve the health of persons (especially the medically indigent) living in, working in, or visiting Beersheba Springs and the surrounding area.” You make this work possible, and we are grateful.

Our goal for 2021 is safe recovery, as we restart and refine patient services. The dental clinic will be starting on a backlog of approximately 200 patients. As vaccines become more readily available, the Clinic will safely increase the number of patients that can be seen inside the Clinic’s walls while we continue to develop our practices by using telemedicine and other modes of interaction among providers and patients.  

We always have a goal to keep the lights on and have a challenging fundraising goal again this year. Our stand-alone fundraiser, Dash to the Door, will be virtual this summer. Our new fundraising board committee will be educating current supporters and looking for new sources of income.  We thank you for continuing to be a friend of the BSMC.

Spotlight on New Staff

Vickie Hobbs is the BSMC’s Licensed Practical Nurse and medical assistant on Mondays, Wednesdays, and additional Fridays, as needed. Vickie joined the Clinic in January of 2021. She has a wide range of experience from serving as an EMT and as a nurse in multiple departments at the Winchester Hospital and the Grundy County Jail. We are glad to have Vickie on board and look forward to expanding the Clinic’s reach and services with her as our LPN. Welcome, Vickie!!!

Nick Pumilia, M.D., has been named Associate Medical Director at the Clinic. This title recognizes Nick’s work in coordinating and managing aspects of the Clinic’s collaboration with St. Thomas and Erlanger. In addition to practicing at the Clinic on many Fridays, Nick is planning a series of presentations for our staff, residents, and volunteer doctors. Thank you, Nick!

We also welcome our two newest board members Norma Sparks, P.A. (retired),and Chris Trabue, M.D. Both have long and enduring relationships with the Clinic, and we are pleased to have them join the board.