Donation Breakdown

Thank you for considering a donation to Beersheba Springs Medial Clinic. At whatever level* you choose to contribute, your generosity provides vital support to the clinic and our patients. Examples of how your donation may be used:

  • $150/month ($1,800/year): Underwrites 39 patient visits throughout the year
  • $125/month ($1,500/year): Provides tuition, supplies, and on-going support for approximately 20 participants in a 6-week Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Seminar or similar class
  • $100/month ($1,200/year): Underwrites 9% of annual pharmaceutical costs
  • $75/month ($900/year): Underwrites 15% of annual lab costs
  • $50/month ($600/year): Underwrites 13% of annual expenses for basic utilities
  • $25/month ($300/year): Supports memberships in professional organizations and networks that allow for collaboration and expanded services to patients
  • $10/month ($120/year): Underwrites approximately 40 A1-C tests for diabetic patients
  • $5/month ($60/year): Provides much needed consumable supplies for patients

*All numbers updated as of 12/10/2018, based on 2018 projected actuals

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