Dental Suite Now Open!!!

June 25, 2019, was an historic day for the Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic. For on that day, we welcomed 9 patients in our new Dental Suite. The patients came from near and far and were greeted by Becki Cheney, one of the Clinic’s Nurse Practitioners who is volunteering at the suite, Dr. Bruce Baird, our volunteer dentist, and Diane Scarborough, Bruce’s long-time dental assistant and newest member of the Clinic’s fabulous volunteer ranks.

Because of these dedicated volunteers, we are able to offer exceptional, seamless care that addresses our patients medical and dental needs, allowing for a more comprehensive path to well being. Our patients go over their medical histories with Becki and then are entrusted into the caring hands of Diane and Bruce. Because Becki has worked at the Clinic, she is a familiar face and a trusted practitioner who puts patients at ease and introduces them to Diane and Bruce.

We are focused on extractions for the first 6 months of practice, and we successfully extracted 19 teeth on June 25. Our patients were profoundly grateful for the care, and many said they had not had access to dentistry in decades. 

Our founding director Garrett Adams has long dreamt of offering dental care in addition to medical care, and thanks to our dedicated donors (The Smile 180 Foundation, South Cumberland Community Fund, Mark Lundy, honoring Marion Ridley, George and Sylviane Poe, and many others), volunteers, staff, and board, that vision is now a reality.

To schedule an appointment at the Dental Suite, call (931) 450-0906. The suite is located at 19640 SR 56 in the Beersheba Clinic Cottage (next door to the Clinic). Appointments are the second and 4th Tuesdays of the month.