BSMC – 2019 Activity Review

Dear Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic Friends,

The last 17 months have been an amazing volume in the Clinic’s history in which dreams have become reality. The work of countless volunteers allowed us to renovate the Clinic Cottage, hold a Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Seminar, and dedicate the Cottage in October of 2018. Because of generous support from the Smile 180 Program, the South Cumberland Community Fund, a memorial gift from Mark Lundy honoring Marion Ridley, and support from George and Sylviane Poe, we are poised to begin much-needed dental work at the Clinic Cottage.

Bruce Baird, DDS, has been tireless in planning and organizing the suite and has done everything from putting equipment orders together to building shelves. In collaboration with Nashville Dental, Bruce has been instrumental in making sure that we have a well-designed room and the equipment and supplies we need to start serving the community. Our plan is to open two days a month and focus on extractions for the first 6 months of practice and then evaluate where we are after that.

One invaluable tool we are now able to use to assess our work is made possible through Athena Gives. We spent the better part of 2018 getting ready to “go live” with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on March 4, 2019. In addition to her many talents, our medical director Dr. Susan Andrews is an internationally renowned expert on EMR’s, and she has been an amazing teacher and supporter in this work. EMR’s will allow us to serve individual patients more efficiently, and will provide useful data to improve community health

We received a generous gift underwriting our annual medication costs from the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Charitable Trust. Through Americares and Anda Meds, we receive medication for free or at greatly reduced costs. The annual retail value of these meds is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we pay a small fraction of that cost and the gift from BCBS goes a long way in covering those annual costs.

We are grateful to the Phillips Foundation and the Order of St. Lazarus for their continued support, and we are also thankful for a generous gift to our endowment fund from Garrett and Lane Adams, honoring Norma Sparks.

We know the need for care on the Plateau is great and can only be addressed through continued support from donors and through collaborations that allow us to work in concert with other entities and institutions. We are thankful for the collaborations made possible through the South Cumberland Health Network at Sewanee and the Tennessee Charitable Care Network as well as support from St. Thomas, Erlanger, Yale, and our volunteer and paid staff.

We need your donations more than ever so that we can support these expanded programs and continue providing superb healthcare to our patients. While patient donations accounted for approximately 11% of our income in 2018 and Dash to the Door raised approximately 17% of our annual income, we need you to help us continue the work. Thanks to support from Hands on Nashville’s Geek Cause project, we now have a sustaining donor program that is accessible here Please consider a sustaining gift or a one-time donation.

On behalf of the patients, staff, volunteers, board, and community served by the Clinic, thank you,

Alison Gower, Executive Director
Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic
19592 SR 56 Beersheba Springs, TN 37305