About Us

The Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) medical facility established by and for the community of Beersheba Springs, Tennessee. The Clinic is chartered as a corporation in the state of Tennessee and officially opened on November 21, 2010.

Services: The Clinic’s vision is to provide comprehensive ambulatory medical services for the community including diagnosis and treatment of acute episodic illness. On-going supervision of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and depression. Minor wound management; stabilizing more serious injury patients, and arranging appropriate hospital and or specialist referral. Prenatal care; well-child care; school physicals, and family planning. Health education including nutrition counseling, weight control and smoking cessation.

Facility: The Clinic is housed in an ideally located house in the center of the town of Beersheba Springs 19592 SR 56 37305.

Staff: Part time staff includes two Nurse Practitioners, a Medical Assistant, Office Manager, and an Executive Director. Qualified, local community members fill these positions. Volunteer physicians and nurses have been recruited from the surrounding area to support the staff.

Beersheba Clinic staff: Becky Layne, Medical Assistant; Becki Cheney, FNP-C; Alison Gower, Executive Director; Carolyn Henn, FNP-C; Renae Hobbs, Office Manager; Jasleen Salwan, MD and Nick Pumillia, MD

Press Release 2/12/2019: To learn more about our programs, please listen to this story from Blake Farmer, Senior Health Care Reporter at Nashville’s 90.3 WPLN. The Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Seminar that is the focus of the story was the first class held in our newly renovated Clinic Cottage.