2016 Abbreviated Annual Report

Dear Friends,

Following is an abbreviated annual report for the Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic.

Since we opened our doors, we have treated approximately 2,500 individual patients. In 2015, there were 2,230 clinic visits by 866 patients, 80% from Grundy County.

Our patients are blessed to receive expert care from a dedicated professional team: Norma Sparks, P.A.-C, Linda Elrod, P.A.-C, Cherry Rankin Hickey, and Renae Hobbs.

Linda Elrod and Norma Sparks

In May we had a Spring Retreat at the Methodist Assembly. Members of the Medical Advisory Group and the Board of Directors met together. Recognition was given to past board members, to a special contributor, Marcus Hill, Jr. and to Dr. Peter Emanuel, who for six years has driven to Beersheba from Oak Ridge to perform ultrasound evaluations on clinic patients. His diagnostic service has been invaluable.

We welcome Dr. Susan Andrews to the clinic attending rotation. Dr. Andrews has been a stalwart supporter from the clinic’s first day. She is now our Associate Medical Director.

We have a strong Board of 17 dedicated Directors, fourteen of whom are full-time Beersheba area residents. Bruce Skidmore is our Treasurer. We thank Bruce for hours of hands-on computer help and advice, as well as for analyzing our finances.

I am happy to share the complete financial report with interested persons on request. In summary, our 2015 expenses were $105,000 and income was $87,500, for a deficit of $17,500. The deficit was offset by a substantial cushion left over from 2014.

Salaries account for 63% of expenses, followed by medicines at 15% (and rising) and Labs at 8%.

We do not file insurance and we have no government support. In 2015 Benefactor donations accounted for 55% of income, patient donations for 29%, and the Dash to the Door for 16%. DTTD started on July 4, 2015. It is a 5K Fun/Run from the clinic to the entrance of The Great Stone Door and back. Full reports with pictures of DTTD 2015 and DTTD 2016 are at www.beershebaclinic.org. Major financial sponsors for the 2015 Dash were Adams Cousins, Howell Cottage, Citizens Tri-County Bank, and Sequachee Valley Electric Company.

Also at the website see a new video about the clinic made by Culver Productions of Nashville.

This past summer (2016) we received a financial award from the nonprofit hospital group St.Thomas Health. In addition, River Park Hospital in McMinnville, a St.Thomas affiliate, continues a partnership with us by contributing free imaging studies for our uninsured patients. We also received a generous grant from the Louis M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation. Sequachee Valley Electric Company has been a faithful partner supporting clinic expenses.

At our last board meeting we discussed future funding strategies for the clinic. The board’s unanimous consensus was that this clinic, founded of, for, and by, the community of Beersheba Springs should continue to be that – of, for, and by, the Beersheba Springs community. We are proud of the clinic and what we are doing, and we do not want to surrender the identity and autonomy we have achieved. We believe in the community, and we believe that the community will continue to support its clinic.

It is in that spirit that I ask you to continue your financial support of the Beersheba Clinic.

Will the change of political administrations in the White House affect the future of the clinic? Yes. A few of our patients did benefit from the Affordable Care Act. Some were able to get health insurance that did not have it before, nevertheless we believe that we had a net gain in numbers of patients in spite of the ACA. Given the current political climate, this trend will continue, and there will be an even greater need for free health care in the future

On behalf of the board of the Beersheba Clinic, the staff, and our grateful patients, we wish you all the blessings of this season, and we thank you for your continued support.