Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic

Our own Alison Gower with Chef Rick host Episode 1 of Grundy Eats at the Beersheba Clinic Cottage.

Chef Rick and Alison show us how to make a budget and time friendly egg dish using only one pan. Click on this link or the image above to see the full episode.

The Clinic is now open Fridays

Now open Fridays 8 - 4
The Clinic is now open Fridays 8am – 4pm

Dental Suite Now Open at the Clinic !! June 25, 2019, was an historic day for the Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic. For on that day, we welcomed 9 patients in our new Dental Suite. The patients came from near and far and were greeted by Becki Cheney, one of the Clinic’s Nurse Practitioners who is volunteering at the suite, Dr. Bruce Baird, our volunteer dentist, and Diane Scarborough, Bruce’s long-time dental assistant and newest member of the Clinic’s fabulous volunteer ranks. Click here to read more about the new Dental Suite.

Press Release 7/22/2019: BSMC and Reversing Diabetes Seminar receive national coverage. Read More.  The Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Seminar that is the focus of the story was the first class held in our newly renovated Clinic Cottage.

The Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) medical facility established by and for the community of Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.

In November of 2018 the Beersheba Clinic completed eight years of service to our community and surrounding area. Grundy County remains the poorest Tennessee county, but the most recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Statistics show that Grundy has moved from 95th (of TN’s 95 counties) to 93rd. While there is still much work to do, this improvement is notable and hopeful.

Because of the Clinic’s work, people with undiagnosed diabetes are now taking better care of themselves; people with hypertension and heart problems are getting medicine to control their blood pressure, which means fewer strokes and heart attacks. We have diagnosed cancer earlier and helped patients get specialist care. Additionally, we have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctor, hospital, emergency room bills, laboratory test fees and medicine expenses. This description of services offered provides more details.

Pain and suffering continue. Health care is still unaffordable, and getting more so. On behalf of your friends in Grundy County and the surrounding area, thank you for your past support. Your continuing support for the Clinic is critical. For more details, please see the most recent annual report of our work.

Gifts to the clinic can be made online or can be sent to:

Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic
P.O. Box 112
Beersheba Springs, TN 37305

Check out this great video about the clinic!